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Submitting through this Tip Jar category is a voluntary way to send us a little bit of love and appreciation money-wise (it won't affect our consideration of your work, however). Our tips will go to print runs, readings, conferences, and--ideally, in the future--to a contest prize fund in which we put money back in the hands of our contributors. Thank you!

Please submit only one manuscript at a time. We prefer shorter pieces (under 2,500 words), but we have been known to publish longer work occasionally. Do not include identifying information, like your name and address or cover letter, inside the submission file itself; keep that to the separate Submittable fields.

Responses take six months on average. Only previously unpublished work will be considered. Simultaneous submissions are fine (but please notify us immediately if your work is accepted somewhere else by withdrawing it or adding a note within the submissions manager). Please do not send multiple submissions; re-submit only after receiving a decision from us about your work.